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Kerby Enterprises is a leader in both industrial construction and industrial maintenance.

We are adept in maintaining the grounds of industrial facilities, as we know the challenges of performing such duties in a lively industrial plant.

Construction Crane
Electric Saw

Kerby will conduct all jobs in a professional nature, dedicated to meeting deadlines and working with the client to ensure satisfaction during all phases of the project.  

The corporation possesses much of the equipment necessary to perform most tasks and has the ability to attain equipment for non-ordinary industrial jobs.

Any employee operating equipment is thoroughly trained and possesses appropriate knowledge of such equipment.  All licenses, certifications and inspections are up-to-date and retained for client review upon request.

Our Expertise


•Achieve maximum productivity by eliminating the need for manual labor


• Variety of demolition options to choose from
• Professional, speedy service.

Warehouse Additions

  • Save thousands through cost-effective solutions

  • Safety Management

Heavy Steel Framing Fabrication & Installation

  • Expertise in transforming bland or unusable spaces by designing structures that promote flow and open space

  • Experienced workforce ready for on-site structural steel fabrication

Bridge Construction


  • Revolutionary and inexpensive solution to bridges

  • Upgrades existing structures/bridges

Commercial Development

  • Leveraging our team's diverse experience, we are able to provide comprehensive services for commercial development.

Rusty Steel
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